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Job Opening:
Worship Ministry Coordinator


This position will identify, formulate, develop, and sustain an effective leadership for our worship activities, which will recognize, support and further Arcadia Community Church’s (ACC) mission. 


Reports to the Director of Administration and Facilities, establishing a systematic format of reporting, the various areas of responsibilities stipulated below, on a regular basis, addressing areas of progress, areas for improvement, implementation of plans, monitoring methods and other strategies. 



1. To demonstrate teamwork and be an effective and efficient member of the staff team. 

2. To establish and ensure effective communications to Head of Staff and Director of Administration and Facilities, church staff and members. 

3. To lead weekly Worship Team meetings in through debrief planning meetings, discussing, analyzing, coordinating, and organizing tasks for smoother worship services ahead. 

4. To work closely with Head of Staff and the Worship Committee, in scheduling and implementing a focused, meaningful, and reverent worship experience for all who attend the worship services. 

5. To demonstrate effective delivery for worship and spiritual upliftment for all through music, during Sunday worship services, and at other agreed times, promoting a passionate relationship to God. 

6. To recruit, provide audition, develop, and sustain a strong team of vocalists and musicians to support the needs of the Music Ministry. 

7. To monitor and evaluate performances of singers and musicians responsible for leading the worship services, through meetings, reviewing audio/ visual recordings of themselves etc. 

8. To develop various choirs including children and adults, bell choirs and singing groups from the congregation as the church grows.

9. To provide a blended worship service that meets the needs of the community and congregation and supports the focus of each weekly or special service.

10. To give spiritual leadership, mentoring and discipleship to everyone participating in the worship ministry.

11. To find and invite bands and singing groups to enhance worship services.

12. To develop and sustain relationships with schools, college, and university music departments.

13. To be responsible for selecting/arranging/and distributing music.

14. To conduct and plan band and choir rehearsals.

15.To provide a long-term strategic plan for the Music Ministry that fits with accomplishing the mission and vision of the church.

16. To perform other duties as assigned by Head of Staff.