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Job Opening:
Children's Ministry Coordinator


To develop the Children’s Ministry of Arcadia Community Church (ACC) in ways that support the effective delivery of the church’s mission.

I. Accountability

Reports directly to the Director of Family Ministries establishing a systemic format of reporting the various areas of responsibilities stipulated below, on a regular basis through effective communication addressing areas of progress, areas of need or improvement, implementation of plans, monitoring methods and other strategies, while working closely with church volunteers and staff.

II. Areas of Responsibility

Administrative and Teachers

1. To analyze and establish quality Christian education by developing a systematic curriculum leading children into spiritual awareness, development, and maturity.

2. To develop and plan teacher’s schedules based on program needs and volunteer’s availabilities.

3. To develop systems whereby teachers are reminded of their assignments and supported as they enter their classrooms.

4. To provide and ensure that teaching materials, supplies, equipment, and classrooms are set for children’s ministry needs.

5. To establish effective methods of communication with all the teachers providing training and orientation as needed to ensure an effective children’s ministry.

6. To supervise all schoolteachers as needed to ensure that they are devoted to their assignment from start to finish for the day; making sure that the classrooms are cleaned and returned to their original state and all materials used are properly stored away for the next person, etc.

7. To develop procedures and training plans for all teachers in order to increase deeper involvement and an effective children’s ministry.

8. To provide adequate orientation and support for all teachers in order to increase teamwork.

Children’s Ministry and the Church

1. To model teamwork and be an effective and efficient builder of the children’s ministry team providing support and understanding for a cohesive ministry.

2. To effectively communicate with Church Staff, members, parents, and the Director of Family Ministries.

3. To attend and participate in all staff meetings and events.

4. To perform other duties as assigned by head of staff.

Family and Community

1. To build and maintain positive relationships with all families before or after church services as regularly as possible.

2. To establish effective methods of communication with all current and new families on a weekly basis.

3. To organize childcare services as needed for special Arcadia Community Church events and train volunteers as needed for effective ministry.

4. To intentionally seek and develop new relationships through evangelistic strategies to families in the community.


To participate in training and self-care as appropriate.

III. Relationships

Reports directly to the Director of Family Ministries

IV. Time Expectation

Up to 10 hours each week to include Sundays 9:00am – 12:00pm. Hours may vary depending on ministry needs and events.